Safety of People, Processes and the Environment.

If you are looking for a valve that can protect your people, process and stop any leakage of hazardous chemicals into the environment, then you should be looking for a Bellows Seal Valve. it is now accepted that Bellows Seal designs afford the best possible prevention of atmospheric leakage and the protection of plant operators. Our Bellows Seal Valves have proven to be the very best in this category and manufactured to the most stringent manufacturing processes to ensure casting integrity and leak tightness. When you are processing dangerous chemicals and if you want to ensure no leakage to the atmosphere, you will not find a better manufactured valve than those made by Hunt & Mitton.

One of only Six Companies in the world

To have our product design, supply chain and manufacturing processes approved by Euro Chlor at our factory. Along with our ISO certifications we produce world class products of the highest quality and traceability to serve the chlor-alkali industry in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. We have surpassed the highest level of requirements in casting integrity and our product sales are growing to blue ribbon chemical producers. We have achieved all of this whilst offering great service to our customers and partners.

The only Euro Chlor approved supplier who can guarantee 100% casting integrity

We do not rely on statistical chance for our casting integrity. Our competitors typically radiograph 10% of their castings leaving 90% not checked for shrinkage defects. Hunt & Mitton gives you a 100% guarantee on their casting integrity. 100% of the volume of castings for hazardous chemical applications are radiographed so that we can be certain every casting meets the Euro Chlor specified ASTM E446 Level 2 acceptance criteria. We will also offer RT of critical areas only if required. Another reason why our valves give world class performance.

Quality and Customer Service is at the heart of our growing Success.

Our factory was audited and approved by Euro Chlor in 2016 Including: Product Design, Manufacturing Processes, Supply Chain Companies. Our Bellows Seal Valves meet the requirements of the Chlorine Institute's Pamphlet 6 for the US market. We have been certified to ISO 9001:2015 and to the European PED 2014/68/EU by Lloyds Register. Our Manual and actuated valves are certified SIL3 capable.

Where Control Valve Expertise and Material Selection/ Fluid Compatibility come together.

We have been specialising in control valves and hazardous chemical valves for over 70 years. We have a long list of field proven applications in the chlor-alkali sector in which single and multistage control valves are helping to control the processing of dangerous liquids and gases around the world. Our control valve sizing program has been developed over many years and we have calculated thousands of hazardous fluid applications predicting the fluid behaviour of each individual condition. Let us have the basic details and we will do the rest.


With offices in UK, Romania, India and China, Hunt & Mitton have an international perspective on our business and we are driven by the needs of our customers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas. The company is technically driven from its European offices and managed by a team of senior management with over 160 years of valve manufacturing experience from across the world.
Over the last 15 years, Asia has grown to become the largest Chlor-Alkali market in the world, with China the world's largest national producer.
Hunt & Mitton's manufacturing site produce high quality products that ship to four continents where our highly skilled team of people not only meet the requirements of ISO and Euro Chlor, we surpass them. In 2021 we shipped the 4000th valve from our approved and certified manufacturing site.